SKY SPA BY KRAVT is a great place to enjoy every moment, leave aside any anxieties and stresses, achieve harmony with the world around you and yourself. SKY SPA BY KRAVT was created for those who want to relax after a busy day, fill themselves with vital energy, preserve their youth and beauty, and always look perfect. We thought through every detail and tried to anticipate all the wishes of the guests, so you will definitely find a place of solitude and special emotions.
спа отдых в отеле
спа отдых всей семьёй
Families with children are always welcome at SKY SPA BY KRAVT! You can come to us with children from 3 to 18 years old. Children are allowed in the spa area only with accompanying persons at the rate of one adult visitor per child. You can only accompany two children if one of them is over 12 years old. Give special memories from SKY SPA BY KRAVT for the whole family and loved ones!
Current restrictions
We strive to guarantee the safety of our Guests and make sure that your stay in our complex is as comfortable as possible.
We ask you to observe the mask regime at the entrance to the complex and do not forget about the importance of your health - if you detect a temperature or feel unwell - stay at home and call the Doctor.
Enjoy every zone of our complex and do not forget that you can always relax in the phytobar before or after the procedures.
The gym is the easiest and most effective way to feel in good shape. The fitness room at SKY SPA BY KRAVT is an area with a panoramic view of the airport, includes: cardio equipment, a free weights area, showers and lockers room.
Salt room
In a treatment room with a relative humidity of 30-50% and an air temperature of 28-30 degrees, a stable therapeutic microclimate is created, close in content to the composition of sea air. Such conditions are created thanks to salt blocks of pink Himalayan salt and salt spray (salt fog).
Aroma room
Aroma steam is a room with a temperature of 42-45°C and humidity up to 100%. A dense fragrant steam is supplied to the room, which has a positive effect on the skin, metabolism and the human body as a whole.
The high temperature that is maintained in the sauna causes the so-called "artificial heat". It strengthens the immune system and kills harmful bacteria and viruses.

Together with sweat, slags and toxins are removed from the body, there is an improvement in the functioning of the kidneys, water-salt metabolism, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic. The temperature in the sauna is 70-90°C, humidity 40-60%.
Vertical solarium - will allow you not only to get a beautiful shade of tan, but also the ultraviolet rays so necessary for a person.
The secret of the use of the hamam lies in the special microclimate that is created in the steam room. Since the hammam maintains high humidity (100%), the temperature is felt much stronger than in a dry room. That is why it varies between 35-55°C. In SKY SPA BY KRAVT there is a Turkish hammam with a "cosmic" design and mirror mosaics, with a warm marble table and heated marble benches and kurnas. Also in the hammam there is a “fog” function that envelops vacationers with cool moisture.
The SKY SPA BY KRAVT zone provides a spacious swimming pool with panoramic windows overlooking the airport.
Длина бассейна около 13 метров, максимальная глубина 160 см. Температура воды 29-31 °C обусловлена наличием гидромассажных мест.
Alpine shower
Alpine shower is an opportunity for extreme cooling after visiting the sauna, bath, hammam 365 days a year, regardless of the climate and season. It is the key to bathing relaxation, as sudden changes in temperature have a beneficial effect on the entire body.
A gift certificate at KRAVT SPA is one of the best options to take care of loved ones. Check the possible nominal value of the certificate by phone or at the reception KRAVT SPA.
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